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Once more Gandhi was arrested, but he was released inhalting the campaign after the British made compromises to his demands.

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They followed him almost blindly in his campaign for swaraj, or "home rule. Research Papers term papers Disclaimer: England also enjoyed great profits on British clothes made in India and sold to Indians. As a remedy for such poverty, Gandhi advocated revival of cottage industries; he began to use a spinning wheel as a token of the return to the simple village life he preached, and of the renewal of native Indian industries.

India and Pakistan, which came about in He also often spoke of the inability of the human heart to witness suffering without wanting to help which Gandhi believed that persuasive appeals to the hard of the western citizens could bot be ignored.

Gandhi sought to practice non-violence and truth in all situations, and advocated that others do the same.

Mahatma Gandhi

Others believed him a saint. Gandhi became a leader in a difficult struggle, the Indian campaign for home rule.

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I know that mere effort may mean certain death. On January 13th,at the age of 78, Gandhi began his last fast. Within fifty five years of his self awakening after being evicted from South Africa train compartment, Gandhi managed to evict the British Empire from India.

Some observers called him a master politician. He threw himself into the struggle for elementary rights for Indians. In Septemberwhile in jail, Gandhi undertook a fast unto death to improve the status of the Hindu Untouchables.

Mahatma Gandhi

A total of 1, rounds are fired, killing and wounding 1, His whole life he worked for peace, which I think, is something to be admired and acknowledged by millions of people.

By the Indian struggle for Independence was in its final stages, the British government having agreed to independence on condition that the two contending nationalist groups, the Muslim league and the Congress party, should resolve their differences.

Indeed, Gandhi was an influential man who helped father the nation of India, as we know it today. He coined another term, Satyagraha Sanskrit, "truth and firmness". He saw the villages as the core of the true India and promoted self-sufficiency; he did not support the industrialisation programs of his discipleJawaharlal Nehru.

The United Kingdom granted India freedom on August 15, When World War II broke out, the congress party and Gandhi demanded a declaration of war aims and their application to India. The Mahatma again became the most important political figure in India.

The economic aspects of the movement were serious, for the exploitation of Indian villagers by British industrialists has resulted in extreme poverty in the country and the virtual destruction of Indian home industries.

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In the Indian National Congress, the group that spearheaded the movement for nationhood, gave Gandhi complete executive authority, with the right of naming his own successor. Gandhi, also known as Mahatma Gandhi, was born in Porbandar in the present state of Gujarat on October 2,and educated in law at University College, London.

Or beloved leader, Bapu, as we call him the father of out nation, is no more.Essay Mohandas Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as mahatma Gandhi, was a Indian nationalist leader, who established his country's freedom through a nonviolent revolution.

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Essay/Term paper: Mohandas gandhi

Gandhi (), also known as Mahatma Gandhi, was born in Porbandar in the present state of Gujarat on October 2,and educated in law at University College, London.

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