An analysis of due diligence an article on the supply chains

Join the Discussion After you comment, click Post. That approach is fine for addressing past history and current activity, but it will neither anticipate a crisis nor manage through one that arises. The drill down of outsourced service providers should include a litmus for Sarbanes Oxley.

What this means on the operational level is that the enterprise is facing increasing danger that key sourcing decisions will prove uneconomic sooner, and with more damaging consequences than would normally have been anticipated by risk equations that presumed the older supply chain model.

The current report builds on the recent developments already identified inintroduces new trends, and then sketches a future landscape for logistics professionals and the challenges they will face, but also outlines solutions that are underway—especially multi-channel retailing and predictive purchasing.

We recommend starting with a risk analysis of the entire supply chain, paying particular attention to factors or areas that typically are not recognized as risks.

Figure 1 provides an overview of the types of considerations that enter into this broader approach to risk assessment. At a brick-and-mortar store, a customer shopping for, say, a University of Michigan jersey can see and touch the actual item. When a supplier risk model is in place, it often is based on modeling historical financial performance and trends as a predictive indicator of future supplier financial stress.

Identify any gaps, the reasons for their existence and what must be done and invested to improve the situation. Moreover, the rule essentially covers the entire supply chain of such minerals, ie. It is that unpredictability that makes such events so destructive.

Purchasing, Procurement, and Strategic Sourcing

No Time To Wait Artificial intelligence, hidden cameras, robots—These are not part of a new movie, but reflect daily life in a "hurry up" world of impatient consumers. Merril Douglas What does the digital supply chain mean for your company? Such statements may then be taken at face value and relied upon by companies further downstream in the supply chain, such as cathode producers, battery manufacturers or car manufacturers.

If you're not already logged in, you will be asked to log in or register. On the other hand, a model that attaches different sets of risks to different categories of players can be more easily customized to deliver more finely tuned measures of protection and—even more importantly—proactive prediction of danger.

Karen Kroll When moving high-value items, proper packaging and labeling, efficient scheduling, discretion, and a bit of extra effort are key to minimizing the risk of theft or damage. The problem is that the supply chain model that typically is being addressed constitutes an older, increasingly obsolete paradigm that no longer adequately speaks to the processes that are rapidly evolving in the real world.

Private equity and other capital sources will put increased emphasis on performing due diligence properly. In-transit inventories should also be recognized, especially with regards to international sourcing and procurement, intra-company transfers and customer sales. For one thing, an expanding list of risks means there are more things to audit.

Ongoing performance monitoring of tactical suppliers can be integrated with more analytic measures to identify festering risk and trigger corrective action. You can click on the links for the sites on the right-hand page and automatically access the content that is similar to your own.

When the expanded Panama Canal opens in to ships twice the current capacity, for example, supply chain risk managers should be prepared to deal with congestion and delays at the limited number of ports able to accommodate the giant vessels.The world's most widely used risk analysis tool.

Avoid risk by using Monte Carlo simulation to show possible outcomes in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Supply Chain Due Diligence – the Case of Conflict Minerals and Beyond (I) The OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas, in its current version of Mayincludes a supplement on Tin.

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Mission. Supply-Chain Management (SCM), techniques with the aim of coordinating all parts of SC from supplying raw materials to delivering and/or resumption of products, tries to minimize total costs with respect to existing conflicts among the chain example of these conflicts is the interrelation between the sale department desiring to have higher inventory levels to fulfill.

Supplier Audits Rise to the Fore — At Least, They Should.


Supply chain audits are supposed to uncover vulnerabilities in operations, but they may not go far enough. Supply chain due diligence In the context of mineral supply chains, due diligence represents a holistic concept that aims at providing a chain of custody tracking from mine to export at country level, regional tracking section describes the applied methods followed by the results of our analysis in section five.

An analysis of due diligence an article on the supply chains
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